Membership Services

Unlimited consultations:
You will have unlimited access to our clinical psychiatric services, including a comprehensive initial evaluation and regular follow-up visits, as often as necessary. This fee includes visits in the clinic or at the hospital and all phone, email or teleconference consultations.

A small, personal practice:
Unlike typical psychiatric practices, where doctors can have 2000 or more patients, our practice is limited to far fewer clients. A smaller practice means that we can guarantee our clients extensive preventive care in addition to treatment of acute and chronic illness. By eliminating interactions with the insurance industry, your physician is able to serve as your advocate in the fullest sense.

Genuinely confidential:
No part of your record will ever be released to anyone without your written consent. In contrast with other medical practices, where patients are forced to sign documents releasing all information to third parties, the absence of insurance companies from the doctor-patient relationship ensures complete confidentiality.

Same or Next-Day Appointments:
While under our care, you will have the ability to schedule same or next day appointments, at your convenience. You may schedule as many appointments as necessary to meet your individual needs, without any additional charge. Because there are no preset limits on the length of appointments, you are guaranteed ample time to address all of your questions and concerns at each meeting.

Personal Availability:
During regular business hours, all calls are personally and promptly answered. After hours, your physician can be reached anytime via personal voice mail. You will never have to deal with an answering service.

Coordination with your family doctor:
Upon request, we will promptly communicate and coordinate care with your primary care physician, nurse, therapist, or any other health care provider.

Services not covered by your membership fee:
Your membership fee covers only our psychiatric consultation services, whether in the clinic, hospital, phone, or electronic media. It does not include fees for hospital stays, emergency room care, psychological testing, specialty services, laboratory fees, or imaging services. For these and other non-membership services, you will still require health insurance.

Coordination with insurance:
We are not Medicare providers, and do not maintain provider relationships with insurance companies.
Most insurance plans however, will reimburse for services by "out of network providers." You will be furnished with a statement that may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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